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Viking Sword, Gjermundbu, Norway

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Viking Sword, Gjermundbu, Norway
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Arma EponaArma Epona Catalog number: VSW42
Viking Sword, Gjermundbu, Norway
Price: $1315.79

Viking sword Gjermundbu (Norway, 10th century) with silver wire.

This handmade sword is a product of Arma Epona smithy - the "elite" product line of swords for collector's in the highest quality.

  • Blade: sharp
  • Overall length: 98.5 cm
  • Blade: 81 cm
  • Width of the blade: 5.2 cm
  • Width of  a guard: 11 cm (2 x 3 cm)
  • Width of the blade 10 cm above the point: 3.5 cm
  • Handle: 9.3 cm (leather part)
  • Pommel: 6.7 cm
  • Point of balance: 8.5 cm

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