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SKOFNUNG, viking sword

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SKOFNUNG, viking sword
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Arma EponaArma Epona Catalog number: VSW40
SKOFNUNG, viking sword
Price: $500.00

Forged Viking sword, which belongs to the top quality swords of Arma Epona smithy, great emphasis was placed on the design, material and workmanship. The sword is very sharp. Pommel, blade and guard are forged. For blade we used high-carbon steel CSN 14 260. The blade is case hardened and tempered to a hardness of about 54-56 HRC. Riveted pommel, adorned with brass. The handle is made of wood covered with high-quality leather, which is stitched.

Overall size: 94 cm, length of a blade: 76, width of the blade at the guard: 5 cm, width of a guard 10 cm, point of balance approx 13 cm below the guard, weight: 1,3 kg.

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